The Reveal Weekend Retreat

The Reveal Weekend Retreat is a 2 day LIVE show event

hosted by George Iceman & Jessie Czebotar
plus some special guests to be announced!
George & Jessie will discuss The Occult world, spiritual warfare & anointing
plus Q and A session and a merchandise table with some souvenirs
2 day pass is $100 and includes entry to the Friday July 16 & Saturday July 17
LIVE shows both starting 7:30pm
includes the 2 day pass PLUS lunch on Saturday with George & Jessie
at a  beautiful park with a guest speaker!
and a trip to some haunted florida locations to be blessed and anointed
and a FREE gift bag!  cost is $400
please click link to buy TICKETS by PayPal
and specify the ticket your buying and spell your full name
Don’t miss this first ever LIVE weekend retreat experience!
NOTE – after buying your tickets you will receive an email confirmation
and code to receive a room discount at the SpringHill Suites Orlando

18 thoughts on “The Reveal Weekend Retreat

  1. Andrea Ahrens says:

    I love you bery much George! thank you for loving Jesus and fulfilling His will for your life! I have written you before thru twitter and writing a comment now, so I get added to your mailing list and be able to comment in the future without having to put my info again.
    All my love and prayers.
    Andrea Ahrens

  2. marcus says:

    I want to buy a $400 ticket but the link will not let me; it is fixed at 100. Are the other tickets sold out?

  3. Kerryann gunning says:

    How much are the rooms????

  4. Susan Olson says:

    I really want to come and meet you both. Are you going to be in South Carolina or North Carolina soon?

  5. Jodie Hovland says:

    Hey George,
    I’m super excited about the retreat & Im rather close too, in swFla. I’ve a question…….
    I’ve been having some health issues, {not covid,lol}that I hope will be under control before Retreat time🙏. Would it be possible to pickup aVIP ticket, a bit late? I know they’re limited & I do Not want to take an opportunity away from someone else, so maybe a possible 11{good number😀} VIP tickets? Id hope to know either way by the 1st of July, latest. To sweeten to request I could help drive the group to and fro the Saturday anointing & lunch, since I will be driving to Orlando to help out & for my thanks 😊 I could fit 3 more in my car.
    I know tickets will be sold out soon, so I thought I best ask now. 🤦‍♀️
    If it’s possible you can reach me via email. If I don’t hear from you I’ll understand, & it’s no problem. I’ll just check availability when I know.
    Thanks George
    Love & Light
    Jodie Hovland
    Ps I cant tell if this is a public comment🤦‍♀️ Just delete it if so

  6. Pamela Lee says:

    I am still waiting for the discount code for the hotel. I have purchased tickets and airfare and waiting to buy the room! I am very excited to spend the weekend with you both and do spiritual warfare in the name of Jesus with you both!

  7. Kristen Schlueter says:

    I am excited to attend this amazing event!!! I have not received an email about a discount code for the hotel yet? Should I call them to reserve? Thank you!!! So excited!!!

  8. Tara Long says:

    I just purchased 2 VIP tickets to this conference for my mother and me. Can’t wait! Looking forward to the confirm emails with discount code for the springhill suites. Thank you!

  9. Pamela Lee says:

    I have not received an email confirmation and a code yet although my payment went through on the 7th. Looking forward to doing spiritual warfare together in person!

  10. Pamela Lee says:

    I received confirmation from PayPal but not from you yet. Waiting to book my room

  11. revealreport says:

    we will notify everyone soon with the discount code for the hotel.

    Can’t wait to meet you all!

  12. Ingrid Maksirisombat says:

    I bought tickets for my husband and myself. Both for vip extras.

  13. Leah Altmann says:

    B”H Will it be possible to attend virtually? Thank you! I am shocked at what has been going on and it has to stop. I would like to know more, because maybe there is something I can do to help.

    1. revealreport says:

      fridays show will be streamed live on youtube

  14. Deb to You on Twitter says:

    So thrilled! Can’t wait to meet everyone. See you in Orlando!!!!

  15. Glenn says:

    It looks like the Reveal Report weekend might be within the 10 Days Of Darkness are you going to reschedule?
    I was looking forward to this event!

  16. V says:

    George this meeting was amazing! Pls have another one and come to LA, CA. People need to hear this stuff. Jessie, George and staff were so on it. I had the pleasure to also meet Jodi.
    Excellent experience!!!!!

  17. Cindy Grove says:

    Are there videos of this 6/7 – 6/8 event? Where do I find it/them? I have been searching all over the internet to find video/s. I’m watching a BitChute video from the next day (6/9) with Jessie, Michael Jaco, and another woman. Many references to workshop, but the person that posted on Bitchute left no other links.
    Thank you in advance,🙏❤️🙏❤️

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